the penny_the dollar_global exchange


({!})<verses>Global estimation is 40  <verses> after service charges,
<verses>This is definitely a – column below the dollar situation for many, ({-?%=?})
<verces>this is the most definite reason there is,
<verces>constant bank rupsies,
<verces>business closures,
<verses> tittle changes,<verces>people <verces>stock exchange<verce >disruption and gain
({!})[ i personaly invested $87,000.00 in family,residence,business]
({!})[{({my family,my home my business,independence,lost]{({-?%=?})}]({!})
({!})[opportuneity lost at that level my age is now 59 years({!})[

({!})[with no real options available({!})
Who is paying my bill for all of this Canada!

Design and physics is all for me now!



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